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I also have two kids: 13 years old and 3 year old. My oldest is Autistic and my youngest is developmentally delayed, autistic, and a few other things. I also enjoy writing about the ups and downs of parenting two differently-abled children.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Adam's Rib by Shannon Gilmour Book review

I reviewed Adam's Rib for honest review. I received a PDF version of the book. The book was written by Shannon Gilmour. The book discusses the right time to discuss sex with your kids. If you wait too early, they may not be ready for it. On the other hand, if you wait too late, then you have to consider the other influences: peers, internet, social media, and other methods your child may have already learned about sex. The book also provides an in-depth analysis on why God chose to use the rib to form Eve. A rib isn't as insignificant as it seems. The book also discusses circumcision and menstruation from a different perspective. Finally, the book discusses adultery and masturbation. The book was saying masturbation is selfish and how it is a sin to gratify the flesh.

For me, I learned about sex from experience. My family did not discuss sex. It was too taboo to mention. I started having sex at 18. I also learned about sex eventually from erotica and porn. I also learned from peers at work. I was married then, but I had little experience when I got married at 19. All I knew was from the 3 men, I had been with, prior to marriage, including the ex-husband. When I started working, I overheard conversations from co-workers about this sex act and that sex act, and I had no idea what it was. I then consulted the internet. A friend let me borrow one of her Zane Books. That started my reading erotica online. I bookmarked a steamy website, very steamy, which I read from time to time, when I was alone. It was like--I was not getting this at home.

Anyway, I digress. Kids need to learn about sex early enough before other influences start to affect them. Parents can teach kids God's purpose for sex, STDS, pregnancy, and how emotions affect sex. Even if the kids still go off and have sex, at least they are well informed.

Some highlights of the book include:

  • God created us to be sexual creatures. Sexuality is normal but how we treat sex can be abnormal. We can have sex within the confines of marriage, but sexuality can be abused and misused. Sex is a good thing, but designed for marriage. 
  • Misusing and abusing sex can have physical and psychological ramifications. You have pleasure, which can lead to addiction. You also have to consider the exchange of bodily fluids, which may cause pregnancy and exchange of an sexually transmitted disease, also known as a sexually transmitted infection. 
  • Sexuality is not meant for recreation and exploitation. I learned that lesson late in life. 
  • Misusing and abusing sexuality has spiritual ramifications. Gilmour says we become spiritually and genetically linked with everyone, we have sex with. 
  • Being a virgin until marriage is a good thing. Anyone not willing to wait is not worth it. 
  • A focus on God will help during those times when lust and temptation arises.
The book is free on Shannon's website. Please check it out. It is a short book, but contains a lot of details.