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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sanctified Sex Oct 21, 2013 Summary of Celibacy is Sexy Call. Part 1.

Monday, October 21, 2013 Sanctified Sex. Celibacy Is Sexy Conference Call hosted by Kenny Pugh. This post contains Amazon affiliate links and images. This is Part 1 since my notes was 4 pages long.

Book used: The Black Christian Singles Guide to Dating and Sexuality by Chris Jackson. I bought the book and have added to the Celibacy Diaries Amazon store.

When I first heard the title Sanctified Sex, my mind immediately went to a song by Joe, Sanctified Girl ( Can't fight the feeling) from the All that I am CD.

Ooh I'm so into you. Do what you want to do.  Sanctified girl cuz your body's got me open And when your body calls, mine always listens. Looking down on us from mirrored ceilings. I can't get enough of what this is. It may wrong but it's so appealing. Baby, baby, I can't fight this feeling. 

The song is sexual in nature. Kenny discussed how when people think about sanctified sex, something holy and pure is not their first thought.

Kenny said sanctified sex as clean, pure, and holy sex. Next, Kenny discussed how people don't want to announce that they are celibate, abstinent, or a virgin. I know plenty of people, who are celibate, abstinent, or simply going without until, but they are not telling the world. You won't see that status update on Facebook. When I posted last year about my 2nd year of going without sex, a few folks was wondering why was I celebrating.

Second,  Pugh discussed how sex requires a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection. When sex is one dimensional, there is an imbalance. Of course, after hearing that, I thought of another song by my musical, imaginary husband, Joe. The song is Love and Sex off the Double Back: Evolution of R& B CD.

But something missing when it's only a superficial thing. But maybe I've learned there is a difference between love and sex. There is a difference between love and sex. Can I have the both of them? Seems nowadays the heart is far removed from the bedroom. The sex is not emotional, the only focus is physical. But there is a love level that we can't see if we open up to something different. Finally, I have learned there is a difference between love and sex. 

Sex was designed for marriage. Pugh also discussed that the union of genitalia was designed for marriage. It was not designed just because you are in a relationship or just because we went out on one date. Sex helps accent a marriage.

We also need a solid framework before bodies bond. Building a relationship, when sex is the foundation is tricky and will not always work. Pugh discussed in a typical sexual relationship, sex steals the show and it may kill a genuine friendship. Ouchie Ouch Ouch.

The first dude, I cheated on the soon-to-be ex-husband was a former friend of mine. The friendship started out with me helping him and a bunch of other students learn Microsoft Office. Then, somehow between sessions in the library, we was talking about anything and everything, except sex. Once we did have sex, months and months later, the friendship changed. I lost a good friend over some new and average sex. Pugh also said that a sexual relationship can keep people bound together longer than needed (yep, I definitely agree).

Finally, a female caller stated that People build a framework around sex to get benefits of sanctified sex. People use sex to fill voids and heal wounds (which I have) but that is not the purpose of sex. You can't determine where the relationship is at when sex is the foundation. Sex can cause a false positive or a false sense of reality.

Well this ends Part 1. I am going to type up the 2nd half of my notes next. The 2nd half will deal with what sanctified sex is. :-)

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