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Monday, December 2, 2013

Talk is cheap. Actions means more.

Yesterday in church, Pastor Mike said something about not exploiting people, who made mistakes in life. Somehow, from that, I came up with this blog post.

On Thanksgiving, we had a house full of folks. Relatives and non-relatives. One of my relatives--Let's call him Uncle Dude--decided he wanted to talk to my niece's friend's mom. Niece's Friend's Mom is separated from her husband. She is in her 30s, maybe 40s. She also has eight kids. She is a beautiful, multi-ethic/racial, woman, with a nice shaped body.

Uncle Dude is 53 years old with no kids.

Uncle Dude talked all day long about wanting to date her, support her, help her with the kids. He even got her to agree to go on a date. As soon as Niece's friend's Mom went home, Uncle Dude talked about her like a dog. He disrespected her. He called her all sorts of cuss words. His story changed. He did not want to date her, he wanted to have sex with her. He did not want to be bothered with 8 kids. Yet, he still wanted to do other things.

A few days before, Uncle Dude and my daddy, was having a conversation, in front of four women, about viagra, prostitutes, and a woman's natural lubrication. I had to leave the room. My family never really talked about sex, when I was growing up. I definitely don't want to overhear some things at 33 years old. I simply don't want to know.

Here comes Saturday, they have a date. He had to change the time. He doesn't know where she lives. He doesn't know her apartment number. He woke up my niece after midnight to try to get her address and phone number. I assume he wants sex because he is walking around saying he is going to wash his pecker. I don't know if they had sex or not but I hope they did not. He was going to go over her house, where the kids live. Possibly wake the kids up.

One minute, you are plotting your move, telling people, you are interested. The next minute, calling her names. Then, you want to have sex with her, even after calling her words, which rhyme with witch. Using the Lord's name in vain when he is an Atheist.  He talked badly about her, but still wanted to screw her. I hope she has the gift of discernment.

The situation reminded me of a former, platonic friend, who lived in Dekalb County, Georgia. We was friends for a few years. Both of us were having sex with multiple partners. One day, this friend called me a ho because I was sleeping with multiple men, while he was not a ho, even though he was doing the same. Some time had passed and he asked we had not had sex yet. I never had an interest in him, but all I could think of was he called me a ho.

I felt my uncle was doing something similar, like the platonic friend.

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