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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I hate being single during the holidays: Celibacy is Sexy Monday Nov. 25, 2013 Summary Part 1

Celibacy is Sexy: I hate being single during the holidays Summary Part 1: 

Preparation, Positive Attitude, Prayerful, and Patience

Hosted by Kenny Pugh 

I wrote this in two parts. One to address the notes I wrote down in the session, and the other to address my personal thoughts. I decided to separate the posts because my thoughts filled two pages and my notes filled another two pages. 

People can get more lonely during the holidays because they don't have that special someone. Being lonely is no excuse to compromise your standards during this holiday season. For example, there is a dude, I know online in Houston. He wants to date me, for some strange reason. The man said because it is cold out. Yet, me and Dude are not compatible. He wants kids. I can't be a regret down the road because my tubes are tied. Luckily, I had listened to Pugh's conference call a few hours before dude started im'ing me. I told him being lonely is no excuse to not find the right one, instead of anyone. 

Pugh discussed the 4p's: Being prepared; Having a positive attitude; being prayerful; and having patience. 

First, Being Prepared: The holidays do not change each year. Christmas is December 25. Thanksgiving is around the 3rd Thursday, I think, in November. New Years Eve and Day is the 31st and 1st. You will be asked that evil question: Why are you still single? Maybe Why are you not married yet? Pugh said you need to be prepared with an answer. He also said don't hestitate to say "you don't want to be in a relationship, just to be in a relationship."

Second, Be positive. You have to have a positive attitude and mindset during the holiday season. 

Third, Be prayerful. Pray for God's guidance during the holidays. Pugh said you do not have to have a significant other during the holidays. The holidays are about family. Take time to strengthen family bonds. Forgive each other. Love your annoying, dysfunctional family. ( I got a houseful of people right now. We have three additional people, who have crashed for the week). 

Fourth and Finally, be patient. "Being single is not the worst thing ever. " When Pugh  said that, I thought about Lyfe Jennings song "It Coulda Been Worst," off the I Still Believe CD.

"It coulda been worse. You coulda been dead. You coulda been paralyzed. Confined to a bed. You Coulda lost everything. You shoulda lost everything. But somebody's watching you. and gave you another chance."

Don't do anything, you may regret during the holiday season. Don't call up that old sex partner. Pugh said forget, cuffing season. Don't do anything, which will affect your future, 9 months later. 

Finally, Pugh gave some tips from Christian Single Woman ( I think this is the right site) how to deal with loneliness. 
  1. Turn your pity party into a praise party. Crank up that Smokie, Kirk, and get your praise on. 
  2. Count your blessings. 
  3. Find your worth in the word. 
I don't know when you will find that right one. I dont know when you will fall in love, but you are worth the wait.

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