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Welcome to Google (whether Plus, Perfect Chaos, or the Celibacy Diaries). My name is Stacie D. Wyatt.  I am a published poet and writer (Chocolate Kisses; Love.Lust.Life., Miscarried, Conversing with Sexuality; Conversing with Salvation; Conversing with Normality; Conversations 1, Never Argue with an Autistic child and other special tales, and Conversations 2. ). 

 I am also a product and book reviewer for a few sites (BookSneeze, Blogging for Books, Bethany House, Edelweiss, Tyndale House, and Netgalley). I will post reviews here regularly. I post reviews on Perfect Chaos. 

I also have two kids: 13 years old and 3 year old. My oldest is Autistic and my youngest is developmentally delayed, autistic, and a few other things. I also enjoy writing about the ups and downs of parenting two differently-abled children.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

July 18th Are you Celibate, Abstinent, or Going without Until (fill in the blank)?

I wrote this one out, so this will get long and rambling--maybe.

I see a lot of discussion on the difference between celibacy and abstinence, but I like to add a third dimension, Not getting any. I know some folks, who claim they are not getting any for whatever reason. At what point, after not getting any, do you become automatically celibate or abstinent? Either way, you are choosing to go without (You have a purpose). Whether you are sick of all the males/females in your city, not trying to make babies, or don't want to catch an STD.

In my opinion, if you wanted sex: Generic, Regular, need a release sex, you can get it. That is readily available.  You can log on a sex dating site or even Craigslist. Heck you can go to Twitter or Facebook. You can call the phone chat lines, especially late at night. Half the folks on there are looking for booty. Maybe you can call that person, that has been asking or begging for the past day, week, month, year or decade. Regular sex is easy to get. It's attainable.

Shoot, I got asked by a store worker, when I was walking around in Cancun. If you ever been on a cruise, you know once you get off the boat, some shops offer incentives for window shopping and buying stuff. Some offer Coke (the soda), water, beer, and other trinkets. I passed by this one store and got offered sex to buy something. His apartment was right around the corner, but I am not going to be the black Natalie Holloway. Always keep the boat within site.

Now on the other hand, if you are waiting on Quality---not quality sex, but a quality relationship, then that is different. You can find quality sex while having casual sex. You keep the qualitys and discard the  others. but you have to put in the work to find a quality, Christian, celibate individual, who will be there for life, not a season, but for life. 

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